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SecureX Vault


What is the SecureX Vault?

When your government wants to give you a social credit score based on their criteria,
it is time for you to take things like your Community, your Health Care, and your Communications...

into your own hands (via your smart phone).

The SecureX Vault is a blockchain platform and suite of tools that allow you to do just that.


The SecureSafeHaven platform moves, then rebirths your website, your electronic documents, your catalog of digital videos out to the blockchain in a totally secure and hidden format. You can provide access, even require subscriptions, all remaining decentralized and secure. Tucked away from surveillance and the prying eyes and bots of those who think they should be able to control you and your assets, your private space in the blockchain can never be de-platformed. 100%


Healthcare Features of SecureVitalWellness.com:

  • Distributed, decentralized (blockchain) data; ultra-secure, encrypted, anonymous and autonomous.

    Only you know who you are and the history of your health issues, care received and processes incurred.

    No one else can ever know any of this, unless you release your records to them.

  • 100% Patient-controlled data and release/retention process.

    Only you decide who and when another gets to know relevant health information when addressing any new issues.

    Within the boundaries created by the criteria you preselect in the SecureCommunity module, the SecureX Layered Web of Trust by Consensus underpinning (natural vote-like relationship tracking), ensures that “if I trust you, then I’m more apt to trust those that you trust”…. thus, without middleman businesses or the related fees, these Blockchain-derived relationships will automatically watch, rank and anonymously disclose Patients and Providers alike (think closed system, like AirBnB for nightly lodging rentals).

  • Patient Profile enables summary categorization of current health status, diet, activity, specific supplements, big pharma quotient, as well as former issues, ages, treatments and results. This is in case there is some magic in the pattern or collection of your issues.

  • Patient New Issue Form allows search of other similar profiles matching age, M/F, community* and issue categorizations and occurrences, in order to ascertain similar circumstances, issues and patterns, and related treatments, solutions and outcomes. All personal information continues to be private and anonymous in this process.

    Relevant detections during posting of Patient’s New Issue Form can:

    1. provide return list of Other Patients with whom Patient can anonymously connect: and
    2. provide return list of Ranked Providers with whom Patient can anonymously connect; or
    3. provide return list of known Health Care (Alternative and Practiced) options maintained as potential solutions and services, complete with ranked Providers for same;

  • When Provider and Patient connect and anonymously discuss a relevant issue, should they decide to transact (either online or in person), payment can be quoted and alternatively transacted via cryptocurrency wallet.


Facilitates automated distribution of any electronic documents (deeds, licenses, password lists, etc.) you've uploaded to the blockchain via SecureDocument, as well as your Bitcoin stored in your SecureWallet, to the pre-designated SecureWallets of your beneficiaries.

Alleviates your stress about what happens to your wealth, key documents and login/password records the day you don’t come home.


Regenerative Features of SecureAgora.com:

  • Governing Private Membership Agreement (PMA) on top of a Community Vault (DAO with private crypto).

  • Member-centric, you can only be in the ecosystem once.

  • Energy Exchange Ledger to integrate, configure and track all contributions to the community by each member.

  • Members use a DApp on their smartphones to log community-specific participation entries as they occur.

  • 100% transparent to Authenticated (blockchain) PMA members specific to that community.

  • Members know each others’ contributions, activity level and community participation standing. (Self-policing)

  • Communities can use the Community Vault to trade with other Communities on the same platform.

  • Members can use their piece of the vault to trade amongst themselves and participants in other communities.

  • Community Managers can leave each other review and notes about performance attributes of visiting Woofer Members. Members can allow activity (hours) from other Communities to privately display for next Community Manager as a method to authenticate skills.

  • System is built Peer to Peer and can have survivable hardware in place should Internet disconnect or disappear.


Sovereign Features of SecureSovereign.com:

  • Secure, decentralized, censorship-resistant, sovereign platform for your future.

  • Communicate secret and securely with your friends, family, and business contacts via invisibly-cloaked email and text.

  • Provides secret and secure access to both centralized and decentralized websites.

  • Provides access to the new Web3 Dapps (Decentralized Applications).

  • Enables you to create your blockchain secret and secure profile and handle.


Enables you to establish personal (secret and secure) attributes that you can use to search and/or attract like-minded individuals and create like-minded communities with which to communicate secretly, securely and (optionally) anonymously.


Facilitates secret and secure storage for your Bitcoin: your keys, your coins.

Facilitates threshold alerts for the everchanging value of your Bitcoin.


Provides secret and secure text and direct messaging, and email messaging.

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